Additional Services We Offer

Service Price
Recording session 60 mins £32
Demo mastering from £35
Professional mastering from £40


Clients Say

“Brilliant vocal school!”
The Art School Artistic is brilliant. The lessons really helped me develop my full voice. I perform live often and the training really helped me improve my vocal stamina and style. Great school!

“The quality of teaching is amazing. It’s help me improve so much within the last few years”
Resham Kambo

Resham Kambo

“I am so happy working with Zydre”

I have accomplished so much skills working with her! My singing has improved so much with the encouragement and help of Zydre and I couldn’t be more happier with where I am today ! Very professional and amazing🙏🏽 I highly recommended 🙂 she is also very kind and easy to speak to, I feel so comfortable singing/ talking to her! So many opportunities given to me because of her🙏🏽

Lida Feriduni

Lida Feriduni

“Superb singing lessons- amazing results”

Zydre is an amazing singing teacher. She has transformed my singing and helped me develop the confidence needed as a performer. Zydre is highly skilled and knowledgable and I would fully recommend singing lessons with her.

“Highly recommended.”

Zydre has been teaching my daughter for 5 years and has been wonderful with her. She hasn’t just got my daughter to copy hand movements, instead taught her to read the music and recognise how to play. When younger she helped my daughter write and record a couple of songs – so much fun. Out of all the extra curricular activities my daughter does this is her favourite.